Learn How To Design Website

Piedmont Middle School

Tuition: $25/ class  l    Number Of Classes: 8   l   Class Duration: 60 Mins l Class Time : 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Learn how to design website, Step by step process, Hands on training, Real time in class group project.

Every student has to bring their own laptop, I-pad, Tablet OR Chromebook to the class.

Notes will be provided in class.

In this class students how to design website from scratch in a super easy way. No coding required/involved. We will be learning CMS based platform classed WordPress.

We will cover below topics during 8 sessions:

📌How to set up logo

📌How to set up calendar
📌How to make website Malware protective
📌How to add background music
📌How to add GIF background
📌How to add maintenance mode on website and much more..

📌How to set up wordpress
📌How to buy Domain Name
📌How to buy hosting
📌How to set up video gallery
📌How to create images gallery
📌How to make website multilingual
📌How to add pop up window
📌How to integrate google map
📌How to add pages
📌How to add widgets
📌How to use Plugins
📌How to add blogs

PS: No Refund, All enrollments will be final..