Learn How To Design Website

Zoom/Online Website Designing Classes

Tuition: $30/ class  l    Number Of Classes: 10   l   Class Duration: 60 Mins l Class Time : 3pm-4pm, 5pm-6pm, 7pm-8pm

Learn how to design website, Step by step process, Hands on training, Real time in class group project.

Notes will be provided.

In this class students will learn how to design website from scratch in a super easy way. No coding required/involved. We will be learning CMS based platform classed WordPress.

We will cover below topics during 8 sessions:

📌How to set up logo
📌How to set up calendar
📌How to make website Malware protective
📌How to add background music
📌How to add GIF background
📌How to add maintenance mode on website and much more..
📌How to set up wordpress
📌How to buy Domain Name
📌How to buy hosting
📌How to set up video gallery
📌How to create images gallery
📌How to make website multilingual
📌How to add pop up window
📌How to integrate google map
📌How to add pages
📌How to add widgets
📌How to use Plugins
📌How to add blogs

PS: No Refund, All enrollments will be final..