You finally completed that merger. You just launched your startup. You were forced to downsize and had to “reinvent” your organizational structure. Whatever the reason, you need an excuse to bring your new team together and BOND. You know that having fun draws people together and ultimately encourages stronger working relationships. But you’re in a rut, and you know you need a creative solution for your team building experience. You need a unique outdoor or indoor venue, a creative menu and beverages and most of all, not the “pass the orange” flavor of team-building activities. This year, you also want to give your administrative team a break, letting them participate in – rather than plan your teambuilding event.

Your Solution?

Hire Network Pouch Events to plan your teambuilding outing and help bond your new (and/or old) team closer together! We will find the perfect venue for your team’s activities, the right mix of fun, entertainment, education and downtime and efficiently manage all of your behind the scenes need for catering, transportation, activity guides and logistical support. Your administrative team will thank you for letting them partake in the experience and you will reap the rewards in a happier team that knows more about each other as individuals and what they are truly capable of working as a team, together.