You’ve got a fabulous new product and you want to tell the world about and showcase it in the best possible light. You know who you want to invite on the client, media and investor front, but you don’t know how to create the right event environment to maximize your promotional impact, wipe away the competition and achieve your marketing goals. Your marketing team isn’t really full of event planners, maybe they’re a bit too used to the tradeshow scene, or maybe they are just stuck on a plane somewhere.

Your Solution?

Hire Network Pouch Events to bring an “out of the box” creative approach to your product launch event! We will paint the blank canvas of your promotional event artistically and thoughtfully so that your brand launches with a BANG and your guests will always remember “that amazing launch party”. From décor to A/V, cocktails to entertainment, we’ve got you covered. Your marketing team will be thrilled with the help and you can focus on continuing to build the brand and leverage a highly successful product launch event with partners, clients and investors. Press interviews anyone?