You need to share some important and timely news with your key constituencies – your investors, partners and customers and with the media. You need to do it efficiently and very publically. You need visible, impressive but appropriate and brand-right space for a press conference, electronic invites with follow-up to ensure you get the A-list to the event, A/V support, an impressive and branded electronic presentation, and tip-top administrative support to ensure a successful press event. Your administrative resources are tied up preparing for the post-announcement marketing push.

Your Solution?

Hire Network Pouch Events to manage your press event! We will efficiently plan and manage every detail of your press conference from the sourcing of the right space, the branding of the space and the A/V, to the takeaway collateral so your team can keep their bulls eye on planning the aftermath of the event when the airwaves start buzzing after you make your announcement. Why stress about your press conference’s logistics when you don’t have to?