It’s that time of the year again…and you’re trying to get in the holiday spirit. You want to share the right spirit with your team, clients and partners. But you’re a bit tired of the same old thing. You want a fresh and unusual but still fun and relaxing approach to this year’s holiday celebration. You need a great event space, exceptional seasonal décor, creative holiday-themed menu and cocktails and the right entertainment. This year, you want to give your administrative team a great holiday gift, letting them attend rather than plan the annual holiday party!

Your Solution?

Hire Network Pouch Events to design and manage your company holiday party so that you can relax and share a holiday toast with your team! We’ll find the perfect venue for your seasonal celebration and efficiently manage all the catering, entertainment, décor and gifting you require. Your administrative team will REALLY thank you and your entire employee team will leave town on their holiday break reinvigorated and remembering how glad they are to be part of your company.