Why WordPress website?

Have you ever thought to build a website? Have you missed on clients as your business doesn’t have a website yet? A website is necessary if you want to influence the target market. Also, setting a website is easier, especially if you use WordPress to set up your website. 

Below discussed are the reasons why WordPress based website is busy and friend of businessmen and corporates.

WordPress is free

It is an added advantage when you are running a small business. However, you have to pay for web hosting, and buy a theme instead, although WordPress CMS does not anything to download.

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress is a matter of five-minute installation and provide a support guide to walk through the process. It is easy to get a site running. Doing something difficult require some reading but for the new site build on WordPress. Hence, going from zero to website in a few minutes is sufficient.

WordPress has a support community

30 percent of the websites operate on WordPress and 60 percent share of the CMS market. If you are using WordPress, have a problem or a question, then the answer is waiting for you in the WordPress developer forums and support. Moreover, if you want to outsource your site for content, maintenance, or design, then there are many developers, writers, designers, and editors how your site’s CMS function.

It is very easy to make your WordPress website look unique.

As the WordPress code is an open source, professional developers always find ways to develop it. There are many paid and free themes that you can select to make your website look the way you want to. 

Create dream functionality with WordPress plugins.

Once a web host is selected and a theme is set up on your basic site, there are many plugins that can be used to make the site work the way you want to. If you to load faster, optimize blog posts for search results, backup automatically, then there are plugins.

WordPress supports multimedia content and not limited to photos and blog posts. You can embed podcasts, videos, and slideshows on the site with the right plugins.

WordPress takes security seriously

WordPress makes it easy to keep the site software updated, which is important to keep hackers out of your site. Some of the WordPress software updated automatically to prevent security vulnerabilities. In order to update themes and plugins, have can click the checkboxes then hit the update button. 

WordPress plays well

The website is required to interact with other platforms for making sales. WordPress website is easy for search engine crawlers to navigate, so your site will perform better in search results. Also, WordPress plays well with Google’s new criteria.

You can also make your website easier for mobile users to navigate. If you intend to sell from your website, then WordPress plugin Woo Commerce makes easy to digital downloads, sell products, subscriptions, and membership access to the site.


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