How Data Science is changing the face of web development

Technology is one of the most dynamic fields in the world today, with new developments taking place daily. Communication has become data-based, which has opened new doors to develop path-breaking insights from customer information, thereby helping companies deliver more personalized experiences.

Do not make the following social media mistakes

All of us, including the top companies, love to be active on social media 24/7. During the whole day, we involve ourselves in creating stories, posts and uploading pictures and videos. At times, what we not may not realize that in a bid to attract maximum attention, we may be making a lot of mistakes on digital media.

Use of AI in web development- truth or farce?

Technology today has reached a whole new level, capable of adding fuel to our wildest imaginations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was previously seen only in Hollywood movies, but today it is visible across a number of companies.

Why you should use social media stories for your brand

Storytelling essentially involves creating a story around relatable characters and situations and making one remember the same after many years. It means giving meaning and shape to information that otherwise sounds boring.